#BassFriday originally started as a challenge to myself to post more content online.

I was telling a young musician (who was asking for advice) that they needed to be posting way more videos than they were, and sharing more of themselves.. and then after that I looked at my own stuff I realized that I’d better take my own advice. So I did. I learned a song on bass and I made a video for it, then posted it on Facebook. I think it was ‘Tom Sawyer’ by Rush.

It’s just such an iconic bassline, probably only second to Neil Peart’s ripping drum parts. So I learned it, something I’d never done all the years I had played music before, and made a video, and then posted it on Facebook. It happened to be on a Friday. So I called it #BassFriday. No other reason for it. That just happened to be the day.

A few weeks after that I tried going ‘live’ on Facebook. I liked it, and I also didn’t like it at the same time. When I’m making the video, I like that I can take my time and get it right, really nail the take and figure out what I want to say and not waste any time. With ‘Live’ you can waste a lot of time by sitting around and waiting for people to join, or for adjusting the camera (iPhone), but it’s also cool that you’re interacting at the exact moment with other people. It’s like being on a conference video call with music.

Thanks for checking into #BassFriday. See you soon.