Get The Track Right

Video is a big part of your life as a musician. We all know that. It’s how we share who we are in the new world.

But a lot of up-and-coming artists make content and worry about ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ for everything they are posting. But a video won’t do anything for you if the audio is lame and the track doesn’t groove and get your foot tapping. Don’t worry about where you shoot, how great you look, what kind of camera you have, or what outfit you’re wearing, UNTIL YOU GET THE TRACK RIGHT. 

Doesn't matter how many IG followers you have. They won’t care if the track isn’t right. 

People care more about great music & passion than they do about looking good, making fancy videos, and posing. Just look at Ed Sheeran. He’s the anti-star. I think he would have a tough time getting a date if he was the Night Manager at Burger King. I'm mean, he'd find somebody, but because of his music, he's a superstar. Because he writes great music. He can play his ass off. He is focused on the thing that matters: 



So you know what you should do?

You should spend your time studying Ed. 
You should spend your time studying his songs. 
You should spend your time learning his songs. 
Breaking then down into pieces. 

Cover them NOT TO GET HITS ON IG, and not to get an award from an internet company that you’ve never heard of…

Do it because you will learn how the greats do it. 

Who do you think Tiger Woods emulated when he was growing up? A: Jack Nicklaus
Who do you think Prince studied when he was growing up? A: Stevie Wonder
Who do you think Ed Sheeran studied when he was growing up: A: The Beatles
Who do you think Paul McCartney studied when he was young? A: Buddy Holly
Who do you think Buddy Holly studied when he was young? A: Elvis Presley
Who did Keith Richards studied when he was growing up A: Chuck Berry

And these superstars STUDIED them. The wanted to BE them. They wrote their first songs to COPY them. Watch interviews for yourself. Paul McCartney, one of the greatest songwriters that ever lived, said he would cut school, meet up with John Lennon, and they’d try for hours to write a song like “That’ll Be The Day.” 

Stop worrying about the short term. 

Think about the long term. 

Get the right songwriters going through your veins. You will benefit from it. And maybe someday you will influence somebody else...

by getting the track right.