What Makes Great Artists Great?

What makes great artists great? 


Why is it that a great artist can make a slow song great when others would bore you with it? It’s passion for the performance. Simple. People want to know you care about what you’re doing. Otherwise they’ll tune out. 


Try it in everyday life. Do you want to go to the deli where the guy making your sandwich doesn’t care about being there, or do you go to the guy in town who has a wink in his eye because he loves his job, and he remembers your name when you come in, has the freshest meats in town, organic cheeses, and since he cares so much about serving sandwiches, they’re actually really good. Which one? 

It’s the same thing with music. Or any job. People like people who have invested their whole lives into what they are doing. What about your mechanic? Same thing. Your plummer? Your banker? Your hair stylist? Your massage therapist? Your grocer? Passion is the thing that makes you different. Passion. And Commitment. 


It’s the thing that connects you to others because it’s the thing that people will see and know they want to be like... and because everybody on Earth is passionate about SOMETHING, and it will show them you are unafraid to go after your dreams so why aren’t they? 

So be passionate. 

Live your dream. 

Be unafraid. 

Forget the people who laugh at you, who doubt you. Use their hate and fear as fuel. 

Be the person you want to be. Doing the things you want to be doing. 

Start now.