I teach Guitar, Bass & Drums. Lessons are once a week. 60 minutes for kids 13 and up. 40 minutes for kids 12 and under. If you want to learn an instrument and have some fun, click the link below to get started.



Basics of Instrument - The physical characteristics of your instrument. We go over them so you know where things are, what they do, how to use them.

Fingering, Positioning & Posture - It's all about muscle memory and learning good habits.

Sounds of the Instrument - We spend time discovering how your instrument makes sounds in unique ways.

Notes - Memorize and practice playing notes and riffs.

Chords - We start with simple chords, good finger positioning and comfortable playing posture.

Basic Beats - For drums, basic starter beats and drum fills.

Strumming & Rhythm - Various basic strumming and rhythm patterns. Also includes practicing to a metronome or click to develop timing.

Free Jam - This is an important time of the lesson. We take time to just play and mess around and have fun. This enhances creativity, intuition and feel.

Accomplished Notes, Chords & Beats: When you have successfully played all the required notes, chords and beats.

Accomplishing a Song: When you can perform a full song.

Graduate: When you have completed the entire beginner course.



Inside Your Instrument - Going deeper than the basics, we get into taking apart your instrument, tweaking and modifying it, re-stringing, fitting drum heads, and other ways to customize your playing and sound.

Playing with Others - We focus on learning to play with others, understanding how to collaborate while playing, and creating a better understanding of playing with others.

More Beats & Fills - More beats, more fills, more fun.

More Rhythm - Deeper strumming & rhythm patterns, and how to apply that to jamming with others.

Strumming & Muted Technique - Two handed playing techniques for guitar and bass.

Free Jam - Continuing to have time to cut loose during a lesson and excercise your creativity.

More Chords - We learn more complex chords.

More Songs - Students learn and perform more complex songs in their entirety.

Graduate - When you have completed the entire intermediate course.



No Advanced Class - I don't have an advanced class because once you get past Intermediate, I'd rather you go straight into the Band Program to learn to play with others, or into Artist Development where you put more emphasis on songwriting, lyrics and recording.