It’s not about being perfect. Some of the greatest bands in history were sloppy and imperfect. But they imparted a feeling. A power, an energy, and an emotion... that could not be quantified. It was powerful.

And it's about human emotion… we sometimes forget that… in our quest to watch as many videos as we possibly can - and we sit and learn technique in our underwear in our room watching other amazing technique players... but it's not about that.

Look at the history of music and bands.

When was it ever about perfection? Playing perfect - that's not the main point.

Music is emotion, not science.

It is not 1 + 1 = 2 every time. Sometimes 1 + 1 = 4.

Some of the greatest geniuses of music have been misunderstood, iconic, characters. The took a risk. Something. Deep. 

They were able to walk out on that plank in front of everyone… and risk everything. That's part of what what makes music great, and what makes great artists unforgettable. 

The risking of everything.
The bearing of it.
The transparency of your life.

Risking versus perfection. Emotion versus technique.

It's not about perfection. it's about emotion.

When you're standing in front of sweaty bodies, swaying back and forth to you, and you're standing on stage, it's more about conveying an emotion to them… than it is playing technical genius.

You are trying to make a connection. That's the biggest thing you could do.

Not glorifying your skills.

It’s about connecting to others.