podcast home kit

I work at a podcast studio. Every day, people walk in (we're in a retail location) and tell us about the podcast they should start. Sometimes it's their friends telling them they should start one. Sometimes it's their idea. Some ideas are better than others, but the two things that stop people the most, in my opinion, are: 

1. They don't know what to talk about (lack of confidence)
2. They don't realize it takes time and money to do it successfully and consistently (resources & commitment) 

Since I'm the podcast coach at my studio, SUNSET 17, I listen to people talk about their podcast ideas all the time. While I CAN listen, and attempt to help people distinguish what it is they would LIKE to talk about, you can't really help people START one. You can lead them. But they have to do it. A lot of times people just want to talk, and that's it. They're not ready. That's fine. Maybe they'll be ready some day. 

But for the people who don't have the budget to invest in a podcast, I tell them that they should start their show on their own, do it at home, on their couch, or living room, and just start an audio only podcast. Get their feet wet, and see if they even like talking and recording every week. (One per week is a good podcast frequency). 

So for the people who can't afford a studio, I created a PDF for a home podcast kit. This is a pro level, audio podcasting kit. It's around $700, and the quality you'll get is phenomenal. Pro level. 

So if you're looking to start one, but you don't have the cash, grab this home podcast kit: 

(1) ZOOM Podtrack P4 - $219.00


(2) Shure SM58 - $99


(2) XLR Mic cables ($35 each? - price varies)



(2) Sony MDR 7506 - $99 (every guest should have a pair - but start with 2)



SANDISK 64GB - $15


(2) SAMSON MD5 - $15.85 (If you don’t want to always hold the mic, which can cause the occasional noise, you may want to get some)


Total price = $715.00 + tax

For a one time price, a professional quality home podcast setup. The only thing I'd add is that maybe you want this mic.. the RODE POD MIC:

it's a really good podcasting mic. The only advantage to the one I recommend is that you CAN handhold it. The 58 is very good for that. I'm not sure you want to, however, and if you know you'll never hand hold it, then maybe go with the RODE POD MIC. 

The other pro mic choice (and a whole lot more money) is the:

Shure SM7B:

Go get after it and start your show! This kit will sound professional, and you only have to buy it once, and then the only thing left to do is:

1. come up with a title for your show
2. create a square graphic or art for your show (1400 x 1400 or 3000 x 3000 pixels)

When you have those done, and you've recorded your first show, then go and pick a host for your show. I recommend Simplecast, but Podbean, Libsyn, Anchor, etc, they're all pretty good. Then you're close to getting your show on the air. 

Another cool thing about this kit I recommend is that it's totally mobile. The 58 mics are great (and pretty much what they were designed for) for hand holding, which a lot of podcast mics are NOT, so you can throw this kit in your car and head for the mountains, to the beach, anywhere, and do your show on the go. 

Good luck, and happy podcasting,